Degree Verification

In today's fiercely competitive professional world, it is imperative to have complete confidence in the authenticity of academic credentials. Our Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) degree offers an immediate and foolproof method to verify the validity of your education. Each diploma features a unique QR code that grants instant access to a personalized graduate page on our website. This page not only confirms your DBA degree but also provides comprehensive details about your academic performance.

For those who demand maximum assurance, we offer the option of verification through a specialized agency that issues an official certificate validating the legitimacy of your DBA degree. You can be confident that our DBA degrees meet rigorous quality standards endorsed by international accreditations, ensuring the highest level of prestige and recognition within the global educational community.

QR Code Verification

Our degree verification process ensures maximum transparency and convenience. Each degree issued by us comes with a unique QR code specifically generated for each student. This QR code serves as the key to an individual graduate page, where you can verify the details associated with your degree. This page provides a complete record of the student's academic achievements, including grades and results, ensuring the accuracy and authenticity of graduate's details.

The verification process offers a reliable mechanism to confirm the legitimacy of the degree, providing employers, educational institutions, and other stakeholders with complete confidence in the student's accomplishments. We provide simple and effective tools to verify academic qualifications and establish trust in every graduate's achievements.

External Verification

For students seeking additional assurance regarding the authenticity of their DBA degree, we offer a convenient option for verification through the third-party organization Qualification Check. Specializing in authenticating academic achievements, this organization conducts a meticulous examination to validate the authenticity of your conferred degree. Upon a successful verification process, Qualification Check issues an official certificate that attests to the genuineness of your acquired degree. This certificate is suitable for presentation to employers and universities, providing additional assurance and credibility to your academic achievements.

Opting for verification through Qualification Check ensures an extra layer of quality assurance for your education. This certificate not only stands as a vital element in your professional portfolio during job searches but can also prove beneficial for future educational endeavors where confirmation of the legitimacy of your degrees becomes necessary.

Our accreditations

Securing accreditations for our business school is crucial to ensure the quality and credibility of our programs. These accreditations act as a stamp of approval, confirming that our educational standards meet the highest benchmarks. Our school has proudly earned international accreditations, signifying the excellent quality of our programs and allowing our doctoral degrees to be recognized globally.

These international accreditations serve as an external endorsement, assuring students, employers, and stakeholders that our programs meet globally recognized standards. This recognition not only boosts the reputation of our institution but also ensures that our doctoral degrees are respected and valued worldwide. Graduates from our business school can confidently navigate the global business landscape, equipped with degrees that are esteemed and competitive internationally.

IQaCC - International Qualification and Certification Center

We are proud to share that our school has attained accreditation from the International Qualification and Certification Center (IQaCC) in London, receiving the highest grade possible. This prestigious accreditation serves as a testament to the exceptional quality of our Online DBA program, affirming that it has successfully met the stringent standards set by IQaCC for conferring a Doctoral Degree in Business Administration.

The recognition from IQaCC underscores our commitment to academic excellence and ensures that our Online DBA program adheres to the highest global standards. This accreditation not only validates the rigor and quality of our program but also demonstrates our dedication to providing students with a world-class education that is recognized and respected on an international scale. As a result, our graduates can take pride in their academic achievements, knowing that they have earned a degree of the utmost quality and distinction.

BESA - Business Education Society in Asia

In addition, our school proudly holds membership in BESA (Business Education Society in Asia), a prestigious association that brings together business schools and entrepreneurs conducting business in Asian countries. This affiliation not only underscores our commitment to regional business education but also facilitates valuable networking and collaboration opportunities for our graduates.

As part of our ongoing commitment to empowering our students, those who successfully attain a DBA degree from our institution are eligible to apply for membership in BESA. This membership opens doors to a supportive community of professionals and entrepreneurs in the Asian business landscape, providing our graduates with an extended network and valuable connections within the region. Joining BESA further enhances the post-graduate experience for our students, offering them opportunities for continued learning, engagement, and collaboration within the dynamic business environment of Asia.

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