Entry Requirements

The affordability of the entry requirements for the Online DBA program at GAMBIT Business School makes it accessible to a broader range of professionals seeking advanced education in business administration. This low cost of entry, coupled with the flexibility of an online program, makes it an ideal choice for those who cannot commit to a full-time DBA program due to time or financial constraints.

Furthermore, the program is designed for professionals who have already earned a master's degree and want to enhance their knowledge and skills in business administration. However, those with only a Bachelor's degree can still be eligible for the program by compensating for the lack of formal education with relevant working experience of 3+ years. This enables a broader range of candidates to benefit from the program's high-quality education and valuable skills.

The success rate of graduates from GAMBIT Business School's Online DBA program speaks to the effectiveness of the program's affordable entry requirements and flexible delivery. As a result, graduates are well-prepared to make informed business decisions and lead with confidence, positively impacting their organizations and communities.

What are the entry requirements for a DBA?

Recommended requirements

Master's Degree


1 year working experience


Have a topic for a Doctoral research project in mind

Minimum requirements

Bachelor's Degree


3 year working experience


Will decide on a topic for a Doctoral research project later

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