Meet our graduates

We proudly present some of our graduates who reached their goals with us.

Most of our students and graduates take a huge leap in their careers with our DBA degree.

Goh Seng Ping

Head of IT

at Manufacturing Company

Vinay Agarwal

Market Research Analyst

at the food production company

Sofi Oktavia

System Analyst

at the development company

Santosh Hegde

Cruise Agent

at the marine cruise company

Ruben Theofilus

Executive Chef

at the restaurant

Rico Taures

Sales Manager

at the telecom company

Nikitas Spyropoulos

Event Manager

at the wedding agency

Neil Dealagdon

Finance and Operation Manager

at the logistic company

Mary Ann Griffin


at the faculty of agriculture and food processing

Mark Keeling

Chief Technology Officer

at the internet providing company

Kannika Saetiaw


at the financial organization

Kai Yin Li

Business Consultant

at the consulting company

Julie Ann Kiseo


at the local university

Jon Silas

Senior Data Analyst

at the game development studio

John Edward Ang

Managing Director Partner

at the logistic company

Jessica Balayo

Senior Science Research Specialist

at the research faculty

Gavin Chamberlain

Director of Human Resources

at the IT corporation

Flo Lagat

Senior officer

at the banking company

Cincee Lee

Assistant Operations Manager

at the education center

Chinedu Idi

Financial Analyst

at the milk production faсtory

Antonio Latorino

Corporate Secretary

at the trading company

Amal Rohn


at his own company

Alvin Cabochan

Regional Director

at the hotel network