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Our business school offers one of the most affordable DBA programs in the whole educational market. We aim to make our program accessible to the widest range of people from different backgrounds.

We help you gain the skill set and knowledge that will make your career ambitions possible.

Our accreditation

Accreditation is a private, voluntary, non-governmental peer-review process that reviews the educational quality of an institution or program.

Our school has received accreditation from the International Qualification and Certification Center (IQaCC), London, with the highest grade.

Accreditation confirms that we have met the requirements for issuing a Doctoral Degree in Business Administration.

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Our story

GAMBIT Business School was founded in 2019. We are a leading educational and research center that focuses on a completely remote format without interruption from your work or primary activities. GAMBIT Business School was formed to create a unified base for students' professional development.

The GAMBIT Business School Online DBA program focuses on applied research so that executives, managers, and practitioners can start applying what they learn in the program in their organizations in real time. In addition, we focus on ensuring that our students develop a very high level of expertise in all business and finance areas.

Following a successful trial run of our remote programs in 2019, the team saw incredible potential in distance learning and abandoned the limiting full-time in-person method. This change marks the turning point in Gambit's history.

Our mission

Just universities around the world are switching to distance learning to increase the availability of education to the population. We at GAMBIT Business School also strive to raise business literacy in our students, regardless of location.

We have become one of the leading training centers on the market by directly cooperating with professors and business experts in our international partner network from some of the top schools around the world. We prioritize accessibility to education over profits and hope to reach the greatest range of people and provide the most current knowledge and contemporary industry practices.

Our founders

We proudly present our founders who stood at the beginning of GAMBIT.

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